Education Platform Product product licenses must be obtained for all users (employees), all students of the institution or for each department of the institution (. B for example the university faculty). At least one product in the product category of the educational platform must be included in the agreement. Products that fall into this category are compliant with the “Product Conditions” document. The software sold under licensed MSCA included Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office and visual studio versions. NET suite of development tools. You can obtain licenses under this program through the Authorized Education Partner (AEP). The Microsoft Academic Open License program has been developed for schools that require permanent licenses to be used on 5pc or more. It`s a favorite program that allows you to purchase Microsoft software licenses at prices below the standard prices of open licenses. The OVS-ES contract is one or three years at the customer`s choice. The EES programme aims to reflect the complex it environment of modern educational institutions and has a number of important benefits: the On-Campus and School Agreement – Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is available for primary and secondary schools as well as for higher education institutions and relevant administrative institutions.

Under the terms of this program, the required number of licenses is calculated on the basis of the number of users and not on computers (devices) and provides, if necessary, flexibility when adding additional products. Campus and School Agreement – School Enrollment is designed for preschool, primary and secondary education, as well as for relevant administrative institutions, libraries and museums.

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