As part of the university`s copyright proceedings, each copy and communication must be made under the agreement of the Copyright Agency through the library`s reading service. The Copyright Act allows Commonwealth, state and territory (Crown) governments and those authorized in writing by the Crown to make an unlimited number of copyright uses for government services. The Australian Copyright Act defines the legal licensing system available to training providers. Curtin has two legal licensing agreements negotiated between Universities Australia and the relevant collective management companies. Under the training copy program, teachers can copy and communicate text, images and printed music without copyright sharing, if: Curtin Library subscribes to video streaming databases to facilitate access to content under the Screenrights agreement: The following resource outlines the rules applicable to employees to meet the requirements of the license agreement between Screenrights and the university sector. The Copyright Agency agreement includes copying and sharing printing and graphic material (e.g. B chapters, magazine articles, pictures, etc.). Copyright Agency CEO Adam Suckling hailed the deal as a 21st century licensing framework that is responding to major changes in the media landscape. (c) If you are not the sole copyright holder on copyright material, you have obtained the necessary consents to conclude the agreement and; Contrary to the copyright agency`s agreement, there are no copy restrictions, so you can copy part or all of a program. Copy covers that create a physical or electronic copy. Materials can be communicated using university systems.

Copyright benefits us all by maintaining the creative industries. It helps content users access valuable academic and professional material while providing income to copyright holders Several problems are solved by the fact that copyright agencies are not-for-profit organizations responsible for common activities such as royalty setting, the management of copyright registration databases and the interpretation of copyright law. While some copyright agencies may also play the role of copyright management companies, not all of them have this power and many collective management companies are only authorized by the government to manage systems on their behalf and are completely independent. The following information summarizes copyright licenses for staff and students who use materials for learning and teaching purposes. (b) a violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights when licensing the rights conferred by the agreement. “This new licensing agreement is a major step forward in changing the profitability of new payment, while giving customers expanded rights that do not exist among our competitors.” CAL represents copyright holders of print and art, including publishers, authors and artists. Its main task is the management of the legal license for the pedagogical reproduction of works of art and printing. The Screenrights agreement concerns the copying and disclosure of television and radio programs.

(b) they may grant the rights conferred by the agreement and these rights do not infringe on the copyright or other property rights of another person; The copyright agency | Viscopy in Australia collects royalties and distributes royalties to creative members for the reuse of their copyrighted texts and images.

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