TSSU also won a major claim because SFU embezzles money from the fund. That is why we now have access to a child care fund that is accessible and accessible to all members. The general membership of the TSSU decided to pay the large surplus generated by the complaint filed before the expiry of the current collective agreement in April 2019. As expected, the money has gone out — we have paid out more than $450,000 to hundreds of parents and children through the fund. Although the details of the agreements have not been made public, Hansen revealed that the agreements were concluded as part of the provincial government`s public sector bargaining mandate in 2010. However, a key element of the 2010 mandate was the absolute refusal to increase the net cost of compensation. Therefore, if one of these agreements involves wage increases, those expenses are offset by cuts in other areas. The first union to reach an agreement was the Professional Administration and Administration Corporation, which continued to represent 800 non-faculty, supervisory and professional officers at the SFU. APSA members include health professionals, office administrators and administrative coordinators. The SFU Faculty Association has also agreed that the university`s teachers and researchers should continue their work continuously until at least 2012. B.c..

Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced that unions representing the faculties and specialized staff of the SFU concluded two-year collective agreements with the province and the university last week. “It is great news that SFU administrators and specialists have reached an agreement,” Said Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Moira Stilwell in a press release. “They play a key role in supporting the academic mission and are an integral part of our B.C.” The other two major SFU unions are also in similar phases of renegotiating their various collective agreements. Members of the Teacher Support Staff Union, which represents teaching assistants at the university, including ATTs and training teachers, continue to work under an expanded agreement that was originally due to end on 30 April. TSSU representatives did not respond to an interview request when The Peak went to the press. TSSU members who are PhD students should continue to apply for the needs-based scholarship through the SFU scholarship program.

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