Full-bodied pharmacists, pharmacy students and trainees can only administer publicly funded flu vaccines under Ontario`s Universal Influenza Immunization Program (IUPI). This legal scope for the administration of influenza vaccines depends on the community pharmacy`s annual agreement with the ministry. If one of the department`s requirements cannot be met, or in other circumstances, pharmacists would require the granting of powers to administer influenza vaccines. Pharmacists should refer to the Immunization Registry: Canadian Immunization Guide for information on the registration of vaccine administration. Patients should be reminded to update their vaccination records on paper or online. To #1 of partial tasks, a dataset with 3D-CT images is used with a series of clinically relevant metadata. The dataset contains only HIV-positive patients without recurrence and with one of two forms of TB: drug-sensitive (DS) or multi-drug resistant (MDR). The dataset used in dertask #2 includes CT scans of TB patients with the type of tuberculosis. A pharmacist is authorized to administer a substance controlled by injection or inhalation, in accordance with the O.S. requirements. Reg 202/94. To administer another substance, or if the requirements of the regulations cannot be met, a pharmacist would require another regulated physician to transfer powers, such as the . B of a medical directive or a direct injunction.

For both sub-tasks, we offer 3D-CT images with a slice size of 512-512 pixels and a number of slices between 50 and 400. All CT images are stored in the NIFTI file format with .nii.gz file extension (g-ziped .nii files). This file format stores Voxel`s raw intensities in Hounsfield (HU) units as well as related image metadata such as image dimensions, voxel size in physical units, slice thickness, etc. A freely available tool called “VV” can be used to display image files. Several tools are currently available to read and write NIFTI files. Below, there are load_nii and save_nii matlab and Niftilib libraries for C, Java, Matlab and Python. The pharmacist must administer a substance in a clean, safe, private and practical environment for the patient, with the appropriate resources to manage the result safely. Send a text file only with the prefix MDR (z.B. text MDRfree.txt) with the following format: β “Based on Cell Culture” refers to how the flu vaccine is produced.

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